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                Just A Cop

The funeral line was long, There's an awful lot of cars,
Folks came out of the restaurants, They came out of the bars.
The workers at the construction sites All let their hammers drop.
Someone asked. What is this all for? And they said, Aw, just a cop.

Some chuckled at the passing cars. Some shed a silent tear
Some people said, It's stupid, all these dumb policemen here.
How come they are not out fighting crime? Or in a doughnut shop?
Sure is a lot of trouble, For someone who's just a cop.

They blocked the intersections, They blocked the interstate.
People yelled and cursed, Damn, it's gonna make me late!
This is really ridiculous! They're makin' us all stop!
It seems they are sure wastin' time, On someone who's just a cop.

Into the cemetery now, The slow procession comes,
The woeful Taps are slowly played. There's loud salutes from guns.
The graveyard workers shake their heads This service is a flop.
There's lots of good words wasted, On someone who's just a cop

Yeah, just a cop to most folks. Did his duty every day.
Trying to protect us, Till they took his life away.
And when he got to heaven, St. Peter put him at the top.
An angel asked him, Who was that? And he said, Aw, just a cop.

- Author Unknown
            Officer Down

I approach the vehicle, as blue lights bounce around me,
It's not a matter of like and hate, it's the violation I saw.
As I get closer, the danger I do not see,
I'm thinking of enforcing the law.
I hear the shot, and feel the pain,
As I drop to the ground
The car speeds off driven by a man who has to be insane,
As I finally into my radio, mumble, Officer Down!
As I lay there, I thought of my wife,
I see the dreams we had made.
I ask the Lord to please spare my life,
Then I felt myself begin to fade.
I stopped him only for speeding,
Then I heard a sweet voice on my ear.
Come with me son, to Heaven I am leading.
No more will you have to shed a tear.
I opened my eyes to see my Savior,
He said, Follow me, my son.
He will pay for his behavior,
For you have performed a job well done!

- Author Unknown